Diocese of St. Benedict

“Prefer nothing to the love of Christ”


  • We are part of the Independent Catholic Movement in the United States

  • We are deeply Catholic and completely inclusive

  • We share in the Apostolic Succession of the Church

  • We are rooted in Scripture, the historic creeds and traditions of the Early Church

  • We believe each life is sacred

  • We seek unity within the Body of Christ

  • We study and pray the Scriptures

  • We administer the Sacraments

  • We proclaim God’s grace and forgiveness through his Son

  • We are a servant church

  • We exist to serve the poor and the forgotten

  • We ordain men & women who want to live out their Christian faith in service to others, especially the poor and forgotten people in their communities

  • Our ordained are free to marry

  • We encourage women and men in their discerning process toward ordained ministry