1 Advent Saturday



One of the greatest obstacles to your growing is the fear of making a fool of yourself. Any real step forward implies the risk of failure. And the really important steps imply the risk of complete failure. Yet we must make them, trusting in Christ. If I take this step, everything I have done so far might go down the drain. In a situation like that we need a shot of Buddhist mentality. Then we see, down what drain? So what? . . . We have to have the courage to make fools of ourselves, and at the same time be awfully careful not to make fools of ourselves.

— Thomas Merton quoted in Merton’s Palace of Nowhere by James Finley

Today: Stop and consider if there is anything in your life, right now, you seek but have not found. Could it be the fear of making a fool of yourself is holding you back from what you desire? If so, please examine the consequences of merely moving forward as if it were “meant to be.” Can you live in the worst of those consequences, knowing that risking failure is the only way to find many of the desires of our hearts… the desires that maybe God has placed there to guide us if we’ll only take that step…. right now…

Ed Jansen, OCM

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