2 Advent Saturday


My own peculiar task in my Church and in my world has been that of the solitary explorer who, instead of jumping on all the latest bandwagons at once, is bound to search the existential depths of faith in its silences, its ambiguities, and in those certainties which lie deeper than the bottom of anxiety. In those depths there are no easy answers, no pat solutions to anything. It is a kind of submarine life in which faith sometimes mysteriously takes on the aspect of doubt, when, in fact, one has to doubt and reject conventional and superstitious surrogates that have taken the place of faith

— Thomas Merton in Faith and Violence quoted in Seeds edited by Robert Inchausti


Today: Consider the possibility of three sorts of faith. Water skiing faith – it stays on the surface and rarely looks into the water except when one falls and is forced for a brief moment to look down. Snorkeling faith – it stays on the surface, safely looking down into the depths of the sea. And Scuba diving faith – it goes down where the sea life exists and it experiences all that the sea world has to offer; its beauty, its splendor, its life and yes, even sometimes its danger. The challenge for today is to ask God where you’ve been water skiing with “easy answers and pat solutions” in your faith. Can you go a little deeper, today? What might it look like “down there” if you did?

Ed Jansen, OCM

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