4 Advent Tuesday

for the love of god

What truly matters is not how to get the most out of life, but how to recollect yourself so that you can fully give yourself.

— Thomas Merton in Seeds edited by Robert Inchausti

Today: When I’m focused on getting something I’m not satisfied with what I have; I want to acquire more. And there never seems to be enough regardless of how much I get. And so seeking to “get” creates continual dissatisfaction. When I’m focused on giving something away, I am satisfied with what I have, so-much-so that I have an abundance, enough to give some away. And so seeking to “give” creates continual satisfaction. And you know what’s absolutely wonderful about this practice? The more we give away, the more God gives us…. to give away. Give something away today… maybe something that’s precious to you…. just for the fun of it.

Ed Jansen, OCM

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