1 Advent Wednesday


“Our mentioning of the weather — our perfunctory observations on what kind of day it is, are perhaps not idle. Perhaps we have a deep and legitimate need to know in our entire being what the day is like, to see it and feel it, to know how the sky is grey, paler in the south, with patches of blue in the southwest, with snow on the ground, the thermometer at 18, and cold wind making your ears ache. I have a real need to know these things because I myself am part of the weather and part of the climate and part of the place, and a day in which I have not shared truly in all this is no day at all. It is certainly part of my life of prayer.”

— Thomas Merton in When the Trees Say Nothing: Writings on Nature edited by Kathleen Deignan


Consider what today will be like if you become aware that you are a part of the weather. Can you live in it, allow your senses to be prayerfully grateful for it, especially if it doesn’t conform to your expectations?

Ed Jansen, OCM

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