Advent 2 – Monday


Mercy and truth shall meet;
justice and peace shall embrace.

Psalm 85:10


One might think of this passage as a messianic prophecy, that is, describing the time when Messiah will come to earth. As Christians we believe that Jesus’ coming is a fulfillment of all messianic prophesies. And if this is so, then what does it mean when the psalmist says, “mercy and truth shall meet” and “justice and peace shall embrace“?

In Christ’s First Coming, he came as a Savior extending his “mercy” through the redemptive work he did on the Cross.  In his Second, he will return in his glory as Judge where “truth” will prevail.

Mercy and truth shall meet.” May I suggest “mercy” in his First Coming and “truth” in his Second?  They “meet” in the entirety of the Person of Jesus Christ through his First and Second Comings.  Sounds like Advent, doesn’t it?

Justice and peace shall embrace.” In his Second Coming, as Judge, he will make all things right. That’s “justice.” Justice will prevail and there shall be “peace on earth, good will towards humans. (Luke 2:14)

OK, so what does this mean to you and me? Today?  Well, we live in the age of mercy, that is the time between his First and Second Coming. With a saving faith in Christ, we will not get what we deserve.  Rather we shall receive eternal life.  Let me say this another way:

Because of God’s love for you and me, we will not be punished as we deserve for all the things we have done that are just plain wrong.  If that is true, and I believe it is, how should I respond to God?  How shall I respond to his justice?  With fear? Absolutely not!  Rather with joy and thanksgiving.  And I will be at peace with myself and with my God.   I will be ready! I am ready!  Are you ready?

Share with us your sense of being prepared for his return.

+Ed Jansen, OCM

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  1. Barbara says:

    Being ready means having your “house” in order…Not so much the material “house” as your spiritual and emotional “house”. Sort of like a Mother who would not dare go out of the house without all the things needed “in case” something happens: Diapers, bottles, powder, snacks,etc. Inside you need to feel no fear of what if the last day of my life is now. That is how I feel I am prepared. Every day I am in expectation of this could be the day…Sometimes it controls how my day progresses. Nuts?? some may think so. I like to think I am just watching and waiting.

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