Advent 2 – Thursday

Advent2 Thursday


Then I said, “This is what causes my grief, That the ways of the Most High has changed.”

Psalm 77:10

 It’s my understanding that God is constant, that he doesn’t change, that we can know his nature and depend on it.  If that’s so, and I believe it is, then what’s going on here?  Well, the psalmist is lamenting over the apparent change in God’s response to the people of Israel. He remembers the days gone by when they received blessings and now all they are experiencing is what seems to be God’s curse.

Maybe you and I are not any different.  Maybe we continued in a willful behavior we knew was wrong and for awhile, we thought we were getting away with it. Maybe we even thought that God was “OK” with it.  And then, all of a sudden, the hammer came down. Ouch!   Maybe God doesn’t change, but gives us more time to repent before the consequences of our own choices catches up with us.

Maybe it’s time to change before we cry out, “This is what causes my grief, That the ways of the Most High has change.”

+Ed Jansen

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