Advent 3 – Friday

Advent3 Friday



My offenses truly I know them

my sin is always before me

Against you, you alone, have I sinned

what is evil in your sight I have done.

Psalm 51:3-4



Today, I got upset with someone who didn’t do something I believed they should have done. I did not respond in a loving way. He knew I was upset WITH HIM.  You see, in those situations, it’s one thing to be upset with a circumstance when it doesn’t go according to your plan; it’s another thing to become upset with the person; it’s even worse when I let them know it.

When I meditated of this verse today, what came to mind first was “my offenses truly I know them.”  Today, for the most part, I know when I sin. I know when I have offended God and another.  It is as though Something slaps me upside the head and says “Hey, you messed up!”  We call this awareness “conviction.” Yes, I am convicted of my sin. But who/what does that?  For the Baptized, it’s the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. It’s the Holy Spirit who “slaps upside the head” when we mess up.

Advent is about acknowledging and celebrating the Coming of Christ.  His coming the first time not only brought us the gift of salvation, it brought us the Holy Spirit.  And God is faithful. When we mess up, when we sin, he’ll let us know through the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us.

There’s one problem. We can ignore the Holy Spirit within. We can drown out the conviction. How can we do that?  It’s easy. We become set in our ways. We shut down any desire to hear from God unless he tells us to do what we already want to do. This Advent, when we sing, “Come Lord Jesus” let it be an invitation for the Holy Spirit to come too. Let it be an invitation to let the Holy Spirit slap us upside the head so that we can choose to turn away from our sin.

+Ed Jansen

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