Advent 1 – Sunday


To you, O Lord, I lift my soul. Your ways, O LORD, make known to me;

teach me your paths.

(Psalm 25:4)

Why would we want God to teach us his path?  Why would we want to know the LORD’s ways?  It’s pretty obvious to most of us, isn’t it?  We believe that the LORD’s ways are the best ways. We believe that God, being all knowing, has the best answers for us and our lives. But do we really believe that….deep down….where it counts?  Or do we mouth the words and do what we think is best without even checking in with God?

The Scriptures tell us that our God is not a god in hiding. I believe he spends a lifetime, our lifetime, drawing us to that point where we finally say something like this:  “LORD, I don’t know what to do in this situation, but I believe you do. Please tell me what to do and if you do, I promise you, I’ll do it.”

Do we love and worship a god who would not let us know what to do?  Do we think he might say something like, “Oh good. Now I’ve got you where I want you and I’m not going to tell you what’s best for you.”?  No!

Here’s a promise. I believe it from the bottom of my heart. If you pray that prayer when you don’t know what to do:  “LORD, I don’t know what to do in this situation, but I believe you do. Please tell me what to do and if you do, I promise you, I’ll do it,” I don’t believe we can EVER make a mistake.  There is a condition, though:  You must be willing to crucify your own flesh. You must be willing to do what God tells you to do; not what you want to do, not even what you think is best. You must be willing to do what you believe God is telling you to do. You must be willing to pray as Jesus did during his agony in the garden, “Not my will be done, but yours.”

Share your thoughts with me.

+Ed Jansen


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3 Responses to Advent 1 – Sunday

  1. Barbara says:

    I do try to ask “wwjd” in most situations that come up for me. It doesn’t always work, because maybe I am looking for a different answer. But it would seem that taking a moment to step back and take time to look and truly ask for clarity, I can see a little bit more clearly.I just need to be willing to crucify the flesh sometimes to get to right path… Even then I don’t think following the right path is always possible, because I am imperfect.

  2. Bishop Ed says:

    Fr. Greg, I struggle with the same affliction: SELF. My problem is I often find myself not even thinking of asking God for direction. And in those times, sometimes I do well and other times I ask myself, “Why didn’t I ask God first?” Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to know what he would tell me. Now that’s willfulness myFriend.

  3. Greg says:

    For me it means that I must listen with my heart and not may head when I want to listen to the Lord. Before I can do that I must humble myself and give into the Lord and not myself. My willful personal behavior is probably my greatest weakness while in the kingdom of the world it is the self that thinks its most important.

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