Day 24 – Forty Days with Thomas Merton

Day 24

If the salvation of society depends, in the long run, on the moral and spiritual health of individuals, the subject of contemplation becomes a vastly important one, since contemplation is one of the indications of spiritual maturity. It is closely allied to sanctity. You cannot save the world merely with a system. You cannot have peace without charity. You cannot have social order without saints, mystics, and prophets.”

— From A Thomas Merton Reader

Today:  Identify for yourself,  how your faith brings order to your life . Maybe one way to do that would be to look at how the absence of faith brings chaos.

+Ed Jansen, OSB

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  1. Barbara says:

    The absence of faith/God in my life absolutely brings me chaos. Internally. In my mind and in my heart. I have found that when a “situation” arises I will automatically grab my cross. I didn’t realize this until about a month ago. I was in a problem and I just grab it and said God help me bless this situation and this person. Don’t let me get angry please, just let talk and help. I have no idea how I got through it, except that He was there guiding me. That is the ONLY ANSWER….I know I could not have done it on my own!!

    Reading this paragraph I become…confused? disagreeable to it… I know that contemplation is important to reach out to God. I am not good at this on my own, and yet I do feel as though spiritually I have matured. Fr. Thomas says it is VASTLY important. If this is true I have a very long way to go….

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