27 August Early Church Fathers – A Daily Reflection



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  1. John Doe says:

    As a progressive Christian, I sometimes wonder about my own arrogance in rejecting some of the beliefs of the Early Church Mothers and Fathers. The attached blog speaks of a concern Chrysostom had for the salvation of his neighbors which seems to be rejected by many of us who call ourselves “progressive”, i.e,. we either embrace universal salvation or don’t believe hell exists. After all, “How can a loving God condemn anyone to eternal condemnation?” is the question we pose. I want to think we are more enlightened today, especially when it comes to our inclusiveness. That our culture has changed and for those of us who are well informed and educated, well, we know better. I sincerely believe these things and I struggle sometimes with the question: “Am *I* better equipped to know what is right than Jesus’ Apostles? Do I know more than the Founders of our Church? These are questions; I don’t propose I have the answers

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