Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year

A Personal Note from Bishop Ed Jansen

new year blessing

The year 2013 has been a wonderful year for me. Personally, I have not felt more content with my life than I have this past year. Part of that has to do with the process of growing older, but mostly because I am living in relationship with one who is loving, nurturing, kind and sacrificial.  We belong to a Catholic Communion that makes no requirement of celibacy and we are free to marry. I am a very blessed man to have such a wife who is yoked with me working side-by-side. We live in a healthy “relationship of exchange” which brings both of us joy in life.


As for the work I do?  Well, I’m in transition which always makes me feel alive. Some enjoy constancy, stability, predictability….and that’s fine…for them.  I thrive on movement, change, expectation, building something new, creativity, watching God’s hand and direction in the change, so I’m in a “good” place for me right now.  God has brought two people into my life who are growing into the areas of responsibility that Trish and I have shared for the past six years.  It seems that God is drawing them into that work we have started and leading Trish and I in another direction. THAT is very exciting to me. It not only blesses me to see others grow, but the excitement of change makes me come alive.


God willing, we are expecting 2014 to bring these changes in our ministry:


  • We are looking to develop a Latino ministry with Father Juan who is moving from California to Maryland to start a church at Emmaus Center. Trish and I will be meeting with Father Juan and Pily, his wife on our visit to California on January 13

  • We are looking to implement a program in India with Fr. John at Ashagram Orphanage whereby we gift 2 goats to each family in the villages outside of Ashagram

  • We have an aspirant in the Philippines who has completed his seminary work and is in the process of seeking God’s will for him in ordained ministry.

  • We have started a ministry at home called “Father Ed’s Wood Shop” whereby we train the poor and unemployed with marketable woodworking skills and expose them to the world of commerce online. Our slogan is “WOWO”  Woodworking Our Way Out (of joblessness and homelessness)

  • 2014 will also be the year Trish and I make the completed transition of leadership of Emmaus Center from us to Father Greg and Barb Hudgens

  • Lastly and very exciting is we are staying with Bishop Peter Hickman and his family on our trip to California. The purpose of our visit is to discuss our growing interest in formalizing a relationship with the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.  (For those of you who don’t know Bishop Peter, he is their presiding bishop; the largest Independent Catholic Communion in the world).


In closing, I wanted to share something with you. As we grow older, we sense we have learned from our mistakes and that if we care about others, we want to pass along our wisdom in the hopes that the ones we love will not make the same mistakes we did. Here’s a bit of “wisdom” I hope you can embrace. It is about how I believe we are created to live in relationships with one another.




Good health and God’s blessing for the New Year.


Love in Christ,

Bishop +Ed

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