Day 07 – Lenten Retreat with Thomas Keating


Unearned favor


The spiritual journey enables us to appreciate more and more the total gratuity of the divine goodness. Acceptance of  the invitation is the key to belonging to the kingdom. We are not prize packages. We recognize that boundless compassion is the way God is. It is because God is our Father and Mother that we are invited into the kingdom. That is why our self-generated projects for holiness are questionable and why we need to cultivate a disposition of receptivity and openness to the Holy Spirit. Reason will not get us there. Good deeds will not get us there. The kingdom is sheer gift.

The problem of a faithful and virtuous life is that it creates  the sense of having earned something from God and thus misses the invitation. Justification  does not come through good works but through the divine largesse. Good deeds are essential, but only insofar as they manifest our good will. Spiritual progress is the sheer gift of God. God is not waiting to crown us with a halo for our good deeds. God is waiting to forgive us for our sins and press us to heart as little children in desperate need of boundless love.

— Thomas Keating in The Kingdom of God Is Like . . .

God loves you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. You cannot make him love you more than he does right now. AND you cannot make him love you less, no matter how you act or behave. Can you bask in that truth today?   Live in that truth and it will change your life.

Love in Christ,

Bishop +Ed


M.Rev. Ed Jansen is the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Benedict and Rev. Dr. Trish Gaffney is its Vicar General


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Diocese of St. Benedict

Old Catholic Missionaries

An inclusive and independent Catholic community

dedicated to serving the poor

Diocese of St. Benedict on Facebook


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Life Together Community

A contemplative group that meets weekly

Life Together on Facebook


Emmaus Center

A center for the homeless and poor

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Ashagram Orphanage

A home for orphans in Bangalore, India


St. Michael Old Catholic Mission

An Independent Catholic Mission that exists to serve the poor

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Beyond Anger Management Workshop

A one day workshop that empowers us to use

our anger in a constructive way

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