Lenten Chant Tuesday

Second Song of Isaiah



(Solo)   Seek the Lord while he wills to be found; *


(men)   call upon him when he draws near.


(women)   Let the wicked forsake their ways *
and the evil ones their thoughts;


(women)   And let them turn to the Lord, *
and he will have compassion, *
and to our God, for he will richly pardon.


(men)   For my thoughts are not your thoughts, * nor your ways my ways, says the Lord.


(men)   For as the heavens are higher than the earth, * so are my ways higher than your ways, *
and my thoughts than your thoughts.


(women)   For as rain and snow fall from the heavens, * and return not again, but water the earth.


(women)   Bringing forth life and giving growth, *
seed for sowing and bread for eating.


(men)   So is my word that goes forth from my mouth; * it will not return to me empty;


(men)   But it will accomplish that which I have purposed, * and prosper in that for which I sent it.


(All)   Glory to the Father, and to the Son, *
and to the Holy Spirit.


All)   As it was in the beginning, is now *
and will be forever. Amen.


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3 Responses to Lenten Chant Tuesday

  1. Deb Paytoh says:

    I can’t find a link to click for “play” in the audio. I teach middle school religion in a Catholic school, and am interested in sharing chant with them, especially during Lent.

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