29 January – Daily Reading of the Rule of St. Benedict

January 29, May 30, September 29

Chapter 7: On Humility (Cont.)

We must be on our guard, therefore, against evil desires,
for death lies close by the gate of pleasure.
Hence the Scripture gives this command:
“Go not after your concupiscences” (Eccles. 18:30).

So therefore,
since the eyes of the Lord observe the good and the evil (Prov. 15:3)
and the Lord is always looking down from heaven
on the children of earth
“to see if there be anyone who understands and seeks God” (Ps. 13[14]:2),
and since our deeds are daily,
day and night,
reported to the Lord by the Angels assigned to us,
we must constantly beware, brethren,
as the Prophet says in the Psalm,
lest at any time God see us falling into evil ways
and becoming unprofitable (Ps. 13[14]:3);
and lest, having spared us for the present
because in His kindness He awaits our reformation,
He say to us in the future,
“These things you did, and I held My peace” (Ps. 49[50]:21).

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