Daily Reading of the Rule of St. Benedict – December 06


Chapter 54: Whether a Monastic Should Receive Letters or Anything Else

On no account shall a monastic be allowed
to receive letters, blessed tokens or any little gift whatsoever
from parents or anyone else,
or from her sisters,
or to give the same,
without the Abbess’s permission.
But if anything is sent her even by her parents,
let her not presume to take it
before it has been shown to the Abbess.
And it shall be in the Abbess’s power to decide
to whom it shall be given,
if she allows it to be received;
and the sister to whom it was sent should not be grieved,
lest occasion be given to the devil.

Should anyone presume to act otherwise,
let her undergo the discipline of the Rule.

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One Response to Daily Reading of the Rule of St. Benedict – December 06

  1. Greg says:

    While at first glance this rule seems harsh and mean I can see how it fits into the life of community. In community we have very little to call our own. A simple set of cloths. A bed. A prayer book. My sinful nature would probably get the best of me if someone else in community received gifts and could have more than me. I would become envious of that person. For me community is sharing the essentials that we need.

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