Stations of the Cross 02 with Joan Chittister, OSB


Jesus carries his cross


The second station of the cross teaches us that commitment costs. To choose one path in life from another is to choose its consequences. Real commitment implies that we carry the burdens of our choices in bad times as well as good, on difficult days as well as easy ones, in the face of opposition as well as at times of great public or popular support. We pay the price of being true to ourselves, of doing what must be done when doing what could be done would be so much easier. When Jesus took up the cross, all hope for a miraculous end to an impossible situation ended, both for him and for us. The tariff of truth is often pain.


The question with which the second station confronts us is a dangerous one: Having begun a good thing, will I pay the price to bring it to fulfillment? It’s so easy to talk great virtue, so simple to begin a thing. It’s seeing it through the questions and criticisms and doubts and despair that really counts.



Jesus, when what I set out to do

seems more than I can achieve,

give me the courage to go on.

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