Stations of the Cross 07 with Joan Chittister, OSB


Jesus falls the second time

The seventh station of the cross reminds us that obstacles are a regular, a normal, even a necessary part of life. It is the obstacles we meet along the way, the problems we overcome, the setbacks we survive that measure the value of the enterprise at hand. They give us both perspective and wisdom. Once we have stumbled but endured the race, collapsed but not quit, fought and endured, no pain is too much, no cost too heavy to pay for what is worth laying down our lives for.  The questions with which the seventh station confronts us are grave ones: Is there anything important enough for which we will endure even when it seems to be unattainable? Is there any pain worth more than the desire to run away from it? And if not, what kind of spiritual life can possibly be sculpted out of a life lived on the surface of glitz and pleasure?


When what I want seems impossible to attain,

give me the wisdom to know

that wanting something good is often better

than settling for something lesser.

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