Stations of the Cross 12 with Joan Chittister, OSB


Jesus dies on the cross

The twelfth station of the cross brings us face-to-face with the finality of defeat. Sometimes things don’t have a happy ending in life. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we’re beaten. Sometimes we’re lost. Sometimes we’re humiliated. Sometimes we’re misunderstood.  Sometimes we are abandoned by the very people we love most in life and whom we thought also loved us. At that point, without doubt, something in us dies.

There’s no going back to things as they were before.  Then doors close in our hearts and the old breath goes out of us and all we can do is to surrender to the dark.  It is not a pretty moment. It can take all the energy we have.

The question with which the twelfth station confronts us is an awesome one: Am I able to accept the daily deaths of life, both the great ones and the small, knowing that death is not the end of life, only its passing over to something new in me? Hopefully, I learn from the Jesus who gave up himself, his mission, his life in ways that all seemed totally wrong, that the deaths I die may bring new life to the world around me as well.


Jesus, at this moment

I do accept from your hands whatsoever deaths you

shall choose to send me this day,

with all their pain and grief.

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