Stations of the Cross 14 with Joan Chittister, OSB


Jesus is laid in the tomb

The fourteenth station of the cross brings us to grapple with the grace of closure. Some phases of life end and cannot be retrieved. They go by before we’re ready to see them go. Worse, their going may feel like ignominy at the time or may even look to the world like failure. It may sting with grave injustice and may grieve us beyond all telling of it. But only in the ability to realize that life goes on from one stage to another, from one moment to another, from one task to another, from one kind of presence to another can we ever come to new life. When Jesus submits to the death of his ministry, when Jesus allows both state and synagogue to cast him out, one life ends so that another one can begin.

The question which the fourteenth station of the cross leaves in our soul is a resounding one: Am I able to trust that the tombs of my life are all gateways to resurrection?


Jesus, give me the grace to see

in all the dead ends of my life

an invitation to new life.

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