Two Different Christians

As I found myself praying for our leaders this morning, a question came to mind. It was one of those things that sometimes happens to me when I’m in prayer….my mind begins to wander.  It had to do with where we are going as the Church, as a culture, as a people. I began to weep inside, sensing that God was not pleased with us. I had a vision of Jesus with his head hung and as he held his head in sorrow, I began to weep out loud.

As the weeping subsided, my heart felt heavy. I started to think of how messed up we are. I thought of Jesus and how (in my own mind), he must have felt frustrated with Peter and the disciples when they didn’t “get it.” Then my thoughts turned to the present; two thousand years later, realizing we still don’t “get it.” In fact we’ve changed so much I wonder if Jesus even recognizes his Church today.

Then I thought of the political turmoil we find ourselves in, in this country. Two candidates for POTUS who represent two very different world views. Then my mind (I told you it wanders!), went to the Vice Presidential candidates. As one who is “in authority” I understand the importance of choosing people who will follow and support you in your leadership role. The picture above is of Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Paul Ryan. Two very different men. Two very different world views. Two very different Christians. I have no doubt that both of them are honest men, whose integrity is beyond reproach. They both seem to be sincere about their answers to the problems of the world, specifically, this country. They reflect their “president’s” choice and direction as well. Make no mistake about it, both men are reflections of the choice their president made in the direction they want this country to go.

As my mind returned to prayer this morning, I asked for wisdom to share these thoughts with you. It matters not to me how you vote. As far as I am concerned, God is still in charge.  In fact, that may be part of the problem with the Church today.  Have we have become too political and not religious enough?

But we all have a voice. We all have a vote.  As a Christian I ask you to vote. And before you do, might I challenge you to ask yourself this question:  “Who acts more like Jesus?”

In closing my thoughts for today I confess that neither man is perfect. Neither one, neither presidential candidate, neither party does everything  *I* want them to do.  But each one of us has a choice.  Ask yourself that question and vote your conscience.

In love and service for Christ,

M. Rev. Ed Jansen

Bishop of the Diocese of St. Benedict

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