Personal Spirituality – Daily Living In Christ.


  •  Is daily prayer an essential part of your daily living?

  • When you hear the Word of God, does it make you want to share it with others?

  • Do you find yourself more uplifted when you speak of spiritual values?

  • Are you detached from the worldly ways of fame, pleasures, wealth?

  • Are you sought out by others who may need prayer?

  • Do you have a natural inclination towards doing charitable works?

  • Have you ever felt that you had the calling to be a priest?

  • Do you see yourself in the service of others?

  • When you participate in the Holy Mass, do you sometimes wish you were the priest?

  • Have you kept your desire to become a priest a secret in your heart?

  • In your thoughts about the priesthood, do you feel unworthy of serving God?

  • Have others ever told you that you should become a priest?

  • Do you sometimes wish that God would just tell you what he wants from you?

  • Has your mind been preoccupied regarding your future, either to serve God or not?

If you checked 4 or more of the above questions, you may have a calling to the priesthood.  With an increase number of checks of 7 or more to these questions, there is a greater likelihood that God is calling you to the religious life.  Either way, it can only benefit you to inquire.  All inquiries are confidential and will be shared with our bishop only.


Important Note:

If you are a priest, deacon, nun or brother and have been laicized and desire to reclaim your religious profession, we would appreciate the opportunity of speaking with you.


To speak confidentially to someone further about this longing you may have, feel free to call:

Bishop Ed Jansen

Bishop of Diocese of St. Benedict, Old Catholic Missionaries


(410) 766-7729      

Or eMail him at: ejansen@oldcatholic.us


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