Former Catholics: What’s Missing?

….in a patriarchal culture:



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  1. Deacon Glen says:

    I have been learning that for man to be truly whole with GOD he must first be whole with his wife. I know that my wife complete’s me in everything. I thank GOD for this and cherish Sue so much more than she will ever know. I also thank-you Father Ed for the guidance,patience, & belief in me.

  2. Sue Day says:

    Father Ed and Amma Trish…Thank you for the kind words, but without you both and the guidance I don’t know if we would be a point we are today. We treasure everything we have see in you both and for that we are truly blessed….


    Sue and Glen

  3. Such a gift it is to know the ways in which God specifically created us, to move together in Oneness, because of our differences… we are two parts of what becomes whole… if God contains both genders, and I believe he does, then we are closest to his purpose and will when that union is strong and makes each one of us more than we could ever be alone.

    I love what both of you shared, Sue and Barb. We are among those who are truly blessed to know and live out this in our lives… there is no competition, not in God’s way of life, there is just that amazing union of complementarity. It is an honor to live and work alongside of you both in this ministry of the heart to those given to our care. As women, we care for the most essential part of God’s creation, the heart of relationships with those we love… we are blessed to walk alongside both of your hearts in this ministry. Much love, to you… Amma

  4. Sue Day says:

    I just the other day sent Glen a little message letting him know what he means to me. Since he became a Deacon our love, support and life together has been growing stronger as time goes on. Yes as times goes on we hit rocks and pebbles along the way as any other couple would but now that we both see God in a different light it is so much easier to turn the rocks and pebbles into sand……life is easier when you have God in your life as we do. We are normal we just face things differently now……we knew we had to make some changes in our living area and we have been praying for a answer as what to do, and everything came together today like pieces of a puzzle. I believe this, ” when a couple pray together you can overcome everything that God puts before you. I am going to start very soon visiting “the forgotten” in our area an I know that with having Deacon Glen behind me with support as I have given him this will turn out to be the most beautiful thing I have ever done. God came to me before and uttered “God’s chosen one”, so need I say more!!! I am ready to fulfill his call for me.

    Blessings to all


    • Sue, it is such a delight to see how much you and the Deacon have grown in your marriage. Together, you bring wholeness and out of that I suspect a sense of joy and purpose. Keep up the wonderful work you two are doing; May God’s blessing be with you as you do.

  5. Barbara says:

    I think this is one of the most beautiful, heart touching things I have ever read and felt. I felt like it was a letter that was written from God to me. To let me know what my reason for being is. To reinforce my love and support for my Husband and Partner in life….after that how could I not stand next to him and know that God has put us together on this path seeking Him, and along the way He blessed us with so much. But mostly He blessed us with each other.

    Forever in His Service

    • Barb, as Trish and I move forward in the creation of the diocese, I cannot begin to describe how much this video speaks to exactly where we are. I’m delighted to know we’re not the only ones touched by this Letter from God. Blessings….and may you always bring the warmth of your heart that brings wholeness in your marriage. It is an honor to work alongside of you too!

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